Happy Tree Pilates

Happy Tree Pilates is a fully equipped Gratz Pilates Studio.  All sessions are private, allowing complete focus on the clients special needs.  The studio has been serving  Murphy and the surrouding areas since 2008.

At Happy Tree Pilates we are committed to restoring energy, balance, health and pain-free living.  Everyone's journey to the desired results will be different; however, you can expect your Happy Tree Pilates journey to be be EMPOWERING, LIFE-CHANGING and FUN!

By teaching you the fundamentals of Pilates, specifically breathing, alignment, stabilization and movement, YOU will become the expert for your body.   You will understand your current limitations, so that we can move beyond them.  You will learn how to get the most from your body.
Achieving your health goals is a life-changing experience, whether its losing weight, touching your toes, or no longer needing pain medications. With each session your body will improve. Your perspective will change as you begin to see time as an benefit to your body, not a detriment to your body.
The journey to your results should be fun.  We all have enough stress.  Our training studio is a happy, safe and peaceful place.