Health-e Balance Holistic Health Coaching

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I'm Linda Rode and I'm the founder of Health-e Balance Holistic Health Coaching.  I help women over 50 unleash the power of aging well so they can live fully, without pain, feel healthier, be stronger and more vibrant in the second half of their lives.  Blending my passions, health coaching, MELT and yoga, I create individualized wellness programs for those who want to live well, live strong and live long.

Through coaching I help clients discover and create happy, healthy and vibrant lives in a way that is flexible fun and rewarding.  MELT offers clients a system they can do at home to get out and stay out of chronic pain that is accessible to everyone, regardless of age, gender or activity level.  Yoga helps clients slowly, gently and effectively discover the connection between body, mind and breath, an important component of a health lifestyle.

"Out there - in here", find the balance; learn the e-ssentials for your health-e life.

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