Sas Spurilla Handcrafted Jewelry

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My name is Deb Welch and I am an independent Stylist and Founding Leader with Sas Spurilla. 

After working in the corporate world for over 15 years, I had reached a critical point in life and needed to make a change.  I earned a nice income working as an HR Manager, but was stuck in an endless cycle that included a long commute, a full day at the office, a long commute home, transporting  kids to an activity and then going to bed to start the cycle over the next day.  By the time I hit my 40s and my first child was in high school I began to want more.

I began to explore home based business opportunities that would generate a nice income to help support the family while also incorporating the things I lacked in life:  a flexible schedule; and fun with girlfriends.  When I stumbled upon my first party plan business I felt like I had hit the jackpot.  Earn a great income just by socializing with other women and having fun - SIGN ME UP!  In 2010 I fired my corporate job and dove headfirst into working my business from home. My first company closed in 2016 but God had a plan. I have been blessed to have found Sas Spurilla and I am grateful that I will have the ability to share this beautiful handcrafted jewelry.  More importantly I love the fact that Sas Spurilla is a new company which creates an untapped market across the United States.

Sas Spurilla jewelry is unique heirloom quality jewelry that is made in the USA. The line includes hand stamped Native American designs that are .925 sterling silver handcrafted by the most talented artisans in the industry.  Our Trunk Shows allow women to shop with their friends in a casual, non-intimidating environment (whether that be a home, business, or restaurant) via a fun open-house style event.  The beauty of this business model is it allows a woman to become an entrepreneur at a fraction of the cost of a typical business startup.  Whether you are looking to learn a little extra income to help support your family or you dream of building a fortune and living a life that includes freedom, travel and excitement this may be the perfect opportunity for you. 

Within Sas Spurilla you will find integrity, loyalty, quality and craftsmanship are all wrapped up into beautiful, one of a kind, turquoise, beaded, sterling silver jewelry pieces and one hell of a business opportunity for any woman out there. Our heroes have always been cowgirls and we strive for their excellence in all the things SAS SPURILLA stands for, including a whole lotta SAS!