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TUPPERWARE - You've used the classic containers for leftover and organizing your kitchen and refrigerator, but what do you REALLY know about Tupperware? Ever since the brand emerged in the post-war era, Tupperware has become the most TRUSTED companion for all of your food storage needs! The company's patented "seal" to this day is warrantied with a limted-life time guarantee. But we are much more than plasitc bowls and seals. Today Tupperware offers MANY cooking solutions including mirowavable cooking, oven baking, stove-top cooking, freezer storage, cutlary & utensil solutions, storage technology that PROLONGS the life of your fruits, vegtiables and spices and entertaining and dinning options. As I say to so many of my clients, while Tupperware still offers many of your iconic favorites including the hourglass shaped Salt/Pepper Shakers, the infamous pasta/potato salald bowl and every kid's favorite Tupperware Shape O Ball, we Ain't your mama's Tupperware anymore!